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1st Trimester Services

Aneuploidy Screening
This screen combines maternal serum biochemical assays with specialized ultrasound measurements (nuchal translucency) to detect up to 90% of fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

Anatomic Screening
Detailed late 1st trimester ultrasound can provide an initial screen of major anomalies.

Periconceptual Consultation
As perinatologists, we will co-manage high risk patients who are contemplating pregnancy or are early in pregnancy. Appropriate patients include those with poor obstetric histories, prior fetal abnormalities, and maternal medical conditions.

Pregnancy Loss Evaluation
The combined expertise of infertility, perinatal, genetics and pathology specialists provides an integrated assessment and treatment of patients who have experienced pregnancy loss.

2nd Trimester Services

Aneuploidy and Anomaly Screening
We provide detailed "Level III" ultrasound services, including 3-D ultrasound. We also provide genetic counseling, serum screening and invasive fetal diagnostic services (amniocentesis, cordocentesis, and CVS)

High Risk Pregnancy Consultation
For general obstetricians managing high-risk patients, we provide co-management services, anticipating the patient's delivery by the referring physician

Premature Labor Management
Options include transvaginal ultrasound measurement of cervical length and consultation for conventional treatment measures (cerclage, tocolysis, steroids)

3rd Trimester Services

Biophysical Profile Scoring
In conjunction with evaluation of fetal presentation, placenta, estimated fetal weight, and fetal anatomy, the biophysical profile is used to plan the timing and mode of delivery.

Fetal Treatment Program
Montefiore Medical Center provides the full range of invasive therapies for treatable fetal conditions, such as twin-twin transfusion syndrome, hydrops, and obstructive uropathy.