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Nicole Hollingsworth, EdD, MCHES, Assistant Vice President, Community & Population Health, grew up only a few miles from Montefiore. “I’m a proud Bronxite, born and raised,” she says. In studying Community Health & Behavior at Columbia, Cornell, and Harvard, she came to understand the profound disparities affecting her friends and neighbors. She felt called to come home, she says. “I moved back into that same neighborhood and dedicated my life’s work to improving the Bronx and communities like it.

Dr. Hollingsworth sees her role at Montefiore as “a bridge that connects research to people’s everyday lives.” She oversees a team that develops community programs as well as shares health data and practical advice at 240 community events each year. Her team also addresses questions and concerns from program participants.

One outcome of those conversations was hearing that the Bronx was a food desert. “People want to prioritize managing their diabetes or high blood pressure, but it’s hard when they can’t get fresh fruits and vegetables,” she says. The solution: Bring in three farmers’ markets and work with bodegas to stock healthier options. Then, to encourage exercise, educators meet residents for a one-mile walk to a farmers’ market or on a healthy-food tour of local shops. In addition, they teamed up with City Harvest Food Bank in securing a $40,000 grant to determine where in the community people lacked access to affordable, nutritious food. As a result, the food bank will distribute 1 million pounds of food this year to hotspots of food insecurity in Bronx County.

As a child, Dr. Hollingsworth was inspired by the effect Montefiore had on her surroundings. “I understood even then that the hospital was there to help transform communities,” she says. “It’s really exciting now that I get to be part of Montefiore’s mission to empower people with the tools and knowledge they need to make their community a better place.”

By giving today, you power a better tomorrow.

Montefiore’s commitment to benefit humanity extends across every dimension of our comprehensive service offering—from excellence in clinical care to community-based health initiatives to innovative models of education. Your contribution to Montefiore plays an essential role in helping us serve our community and foster the thousands of human connections that students, faculty, and staff members like Dr. Hollingsworth make with patients and caregivers each day.

Dr. Hollingsworth’s story is one of people powering people.
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