Our Department seeks to combine clinical excellence with a social and community-oriented perspective, with the goal of serving and improving the health of a largely underserved and diverse patient population in the Bronx. Learn more about our mission in the community.

Caring for Yourself While Caregiving

This guide is a starting point to help users think about the different ways they can care for themselves while caring for a loved one. The resource provides useful information, local resources and websites that can be found in the Bronx and surrounding communities. Read the Caring for Yourself While Caregiving Guide.

Next Step in Care: An Online Resource for Caregivers

To provide access to online resources for caregivers, Montefiore Medical Center has partnered with the United Hospital Fund on their Next Step in Care website, created to support caregivers in their important role in the healthcare delivery process. Learn more about the Next Step in Care resource.

Palliative Care Acupuncture Program

The Palliative Care Acupuncture Program at Montefiore was launched in March 2006 to provide free acupuncture treatments to low-income people living with chronic pain. Read an overview of the palliative care acupuncture program.

Pulse Magazine


Pulse: voices from the heart of medicine is an online magazine that seeks to tell the personal experiences of those affected by or involved in the healthcare system, by publishing original stories and poems written by healthcare professionals and patients. Read current and previous editions of Pulse.