Women's Health Rehabilitation Program

Many musculoskeletal conditions and illnesses—such as osteoporosis; pelvic floor dysfunction or pain, including urinary and bowel incontinence and female specific cancer—present differently or exclusively in women. With this in mind, we consider the unique aspects of female physiology to create a course of treatment to strengthen muscles, improve musculoskeletal function and restore normal daily function for women living with:

Our multidisciplinary team will closely a conduct a comprehensive evaluation and implement a treatment plan that may include:

  • Biomechanical and musculoskeletal evaluation of the pelvis and lower back.
  • Neuromuscular re-education.
  • Vaginal and rectal myofascial relief techniques.
  • Pelvic floor training with biofeedback and electrical stimulation.
  • Education on pelvic floor function.
  • Pelvic floor muscle exercises to help decrease the extent or frequency urinary incontinence.
  • Manual therapy to improve pelvic floor and surrounding muscle tone.
  • Other therapeutic strategies to improve muscle tone and decrease pain