Early Mobilization Program

Once stable, patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) need to be assessed and started on an early mobility program to prevent a number of long-lasting health problems, including frozen joints, muscle wasting and weakness.

With this understanding in mind, in July 2013 we launched an Early Mobility Program at our Moses Campus Intensive Care Unit.

Our program is designed to restore patients’ strength and accelerate recovery following a stay in the ICU. We provide closely-monitored therapies centered on:

Our team of physiatrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists work closely with critical care physicians, ICU nurses, respiratory therapists and ICU staff assistants to help patients exercise and move as soon as possible—often within 24 hours of admission to the unit. Safe, state of the art exercise machines, along with established exercises designed to preserve upper extremity strength are used to help patients ease back into movement.

As a result, in the first three months of our program's implementation: