Annual Report 2010
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Annual Report 2010

2010 Annual Report

Montefiore on the Front Lines

We are pleased to present Montefiore’s Annual Report 2010-2011: Advancing the Front Lines of Health. This publication reflects on our success as a nationally recognized academic medical center and integrated healthcare delivery system, and offers an opportunity to examine comprehensively how our models of accountability, clinical excellence and patient care are redefining the way we practice medicine today.

Montefiore has always thrived on the front lines—from its early days as a small 19th century hospital for patients with tuberculosis to a 21st century state-of-the-art medical center serving millions of patients locally, regionally and nationally. As our organization continues to evolve, our dedication to mission deepens. This commitment is captured in our new annual report. We invite you to flip through the online version (available soon) of the report to learn how our associates are making an impact in patient care, clinical and translational research, medical education, care management and technological innovation.