Android Devices

**Before beginning this process, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest operating system and that your device be fully charged**

Please note that depending on your specific OS, Model and Brand of Phone - the steps outlined below may vary.

  1. Open Chrome and type the following URL in the address box
  2. You will go to Google Play Store, click on Start
  3. Click Install in the Google Play Store
  4. A pop up will appear requesting permission, click Accept.
  5. The application will begin its download and installation
  6. MaaS360 icon will appear when download is completed.
    Click on icon OR hit Open in Google Play
  7. Enter in the following information and click Continue:
    1. Domain Name = Monte (may be pre-populated)
    2. Montefiore Email address
  8. Enter in AD Username and Password.
    Domain is prepopulated
  9. Choose Corporate or Personal and click Continue
  10. Accept Policies
    1. Accept Terms - Check off I have read and accept terms and click OK
    2. Accept Usage Policy – Check off I have read and accept the terms and click Yes
    3. Click Activate on next screen
      The application will begin to create the container for all corporate resources such as Email, Calendar, Docs, etc.
  11. Check off box at bottom of screen and click Confirm
  12. If you see and error saying Phone is out of compliance - Click Encrypt Phone
    **If you already have a complex password you will not be prompted to create a new one ""
    1. Click Set Screen Lock Type
    2. Select Screen Lock and click Password (High Security) :

      1. Create Complex Passcode and click Continue
        1. At least 8 alphanumeric characters
        2. One special character besides a letter or numbe
      2. Enter in Password again to confirm and click OK
  13. If you are not automatically prompted to Encrypt your phone you need to :
    **Your phone must be at least 80% charged"
    1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Security
    2. Click Encrypt Device
    3. Enter in device password and click Contimue
    4. DO NOT check the check box for Fast Encryption.
    5. Click Encrypt Device
      **This may take a few minutes**
    6. Once encryption is done you will be asked to enter in your Password
  14. Encrypt External SSD
    1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Security
    2. Click Encrypt external SD card.

      **This process will take a few minutes to complete.**
    3. Click Turn On
      **Please note some phones may already be encrypted** and you can skip this step
  15. Configure MaaS360
    1. Click the back arrow in the upper left hand corner twice to get to the MaaS360 container folder. OR
      Go to MaaS360 Icon
    2. Click on the Bell in the right corner
    3. Click Install MaaS360 Mail
    4. In the Google Play Store, click Install.
    5. Click Install and then Accept
    6. Go back to MaaS360 container
    7. Click on Email icon and click Configure
    8. Email will now Sync
  16. Users with more than one device may notice "Ghost" icons (see picture on the right) on the devices that have not yet downloaded the EMM application. If you encounter this, you can either download the application on that device or delete the icon as you would delete any other application on your device.