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Pediatric Urology
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Pediatric Urology

Amanda North, MD is responsible for our Pediatric Urology Program. This field includes:

  • Antenatal counseling for detected anomalies of the urinary tract.
  • Evaluation and treatment of congenital anomalies of the urinary and genital tract, including Ambiguous Genitalia, Hypospadias, Epispadias, Cryptorchidism, Hydrocele, Hydronephrosis, Vesico-Ureteric Reflux, Ureterocele, Posterior Urethral Valve, Bladder Exstrophy, etc...
  • Investigation and treatment of pediatric urinary tract infections.
  • Investigation and treatment of pediatric urinary incontinence, including neuropathic bladders and Spina-Bifida.
  • Investigation and surgical treatments of pediatric tumors involving the Urinary and Genital tract.
  • Prevention, investigation and treatment of renal failure (in conjunction with Pediatric Nephrology).