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About Us

Reducing Pollution and Fuel Costs

Fuel and energy efficiency is a priority. We are always examining new ways to provide “green” options to the associates, patients and visitors that depend on our transportation services. Current initiatives include:

  • Montefiore has purchased several hybrids vehicles averaging up to 50 miles per gallon.  When additional vehicles need to be replaced, more efficient models will also be purchased. 
  • Montefiore is also investigating converting several diesel-fueled vehicles to compressed natural gas or gasoline-fueled vehicles. 
  • We use a geographic positioning system (GPS) to track vehicles' routes and send our most efficient vehicles on the farthest routes.
  • Our Transportation Department is also in the process of upgrading systems to track vehicle miles traveled, emissions released into the environment and maintenance needs so vehicles operate at peak efficiency.
  • We are currently pursuing the idea of installing electric vehicle charging stations at our campuses for hospital employees and visitors.

Alternative transportation options are available for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint:

  • The #4 and D train lines are located less than one mile from our Moses Campus.   
  • Employee shuttle service is offered several times per day to our major campuses.
  • 28 bicycle racks are located throughout all of our campuses.
  • We are investigating the benefits of car-pooling programs to help save money on fuel, while also limiting the pollution entering our environment.