Step 1: Pre-Hire Physical & Other Requirements
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Step 1: Pre-Hire Physical & Other Requirements

Pre-Hire Physical

At this point you should have successfully completed the drug screening and submitted the consent form for the background check. If you have not completed the drug screening and/or have not returned the Sterling Consent forms, please contact your HR Recruiter immediately.

You will have to follow the details listed in the itinerary below in sequence to successfully complete this step of the process. Once your appointment for pre-employment physical is confirmed by the HR Recruiter or HR Assistant, you will be given a Pre-Employment Procedure Form that will include the location, date and time of your pre-hire physical. Once you are medically cleared you must provide a copy of this form to the HR Recruiter (This is indicated on the new hire check list).

Download PDF of OHS Itinerary

OSHA Training

Your HR Recruiter and/or Assistant will inform you if you are required to attend.

OSHA Training
Please contact your recruiter or HR Assistant

OSHA Training is held on Mondays (except for holidays, in such cases OSHA will be held on Tuesday) from 10:00am - 11:30am. This is required to be completed before your employment begins.

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