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Patient and Provider Resources
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STD Program

Patient and Provider Resources

Case Reports

Jeffrey Gilbert, MD, recently wrote a paper on the successful use of combination therapy for treating vaginal trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted infection, when it becomes resistance to the antibiotic Metronidazole.  Read the report.

The Centers for Disease Control

The STD Website at the Centers for Disease Control was established to promote sexual health and primary prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.  This site provides science-based information assisting providers and patients with clear information encompassing all aspects of STD related care.

The following categories are available for review for both providers and patients:

  • Treatment Guidelines and Updates
  • STD Fact sheets
  • STD Review of Diseases and related conditions
  • Surveillance: Data and statistics
  • STDs in Pregnancy and Infertility
  • STD Prevention
  • STD Publications and Products
  • STD Program Tools
  • Projects and Initiatives
  • Data and Statistics
  • Continuing Education and Training
  • Surveillance: Data and statistics
  • Expedited partner therapy (EPT)

The following link will bring you to the site: www.cdc.gov/std