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Training Facilities
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Training Facilities

The multi-institutional training sites of the program include the Montefiore Medical Center (Moses Campus and Einstein Campus), Jacobi Medical Center, The Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center, Beth Abraham Family of Health Services and Jamaica Hospital Medical Center/Flushing Hospital Medical Center at Queens.

Montefiore Medical Center

Montefiore is the major teaching hospital of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Montefiore, established in 1884, is one of the largest health-care systems in the nation and, as the University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is a leading center for medical education and research. Montefiore Medical Center consists of several locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is one of many specialties to provide skilled service to the public.

There are numerous didactic activities held at the Moses Campus and Einstein Campus, such as Chairman's morning spine rounds and Kinesiology/Anatomy conferences, Program Director's teaching conferences, combined neuromuscular rounds with neurologists, musculoskeletal imaging rounds with radiologists, neurorehabilitation rounds, electrodiagnostic medicine conferences, attendings' topic reviews, program director's and clinical director's journal clubs.


Applicants for residency training may contact:

Mark Thomas, MD
Interim Chair/Program Director

Michelle Kenny
Residency Coordinator

Department of PMR
150 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-920-2753
Fax: 718-920- 5048

Applicants for elective or clinical observation may contact:

Yumei Wang, MD
Assistant Program Director
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
150 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-920-4034
Fax: 718-920-2289

Jacobi Medical Center

Jacobi Medical Center is also an affiliated teaching hospital of Einstein, founded in 1955 and named in honor of Dr. Abraham Jacobi, known as the father of American pediatrics. It is located in the Bronx, providing quality health care for some 1.2 million Bronx and New York area residents. With more than 500 beds, Jacobi Medical Center has grown into the largest public hospital and trauma center in the Bronx. Their Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is one of the training sites where our residents rotate during their 3-year training in a new, state-of-the-art facility. It has a 23-bed acute inpatient care unit as well as various specialty clinics in addition to general rehabilitation services, such as peripheral vascular clinic, prosthetic/orthotic clinic, wheelchair clinic, pain management, low back clinic, injection clinic, interventional pain management and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG) service. The patient population and the trauma center give residents extensive and valuable training and hands-on experience.


Subhadra Nori, MD, Chair
Keith Angell, MD
Sylvia Fernandes, MD
Margaret Mei, MD
Luciano Tuluca, MD

The Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center

The Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC) is component of the Rose F. Kennedy Center, operated by Einstein, the CERC is both a regional training and clinical center for the diagnosis and treatment of infants, children and adolescents with a broad array of developmental disabilities. The Rehabilitation Unit, one of the center's eight multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment units, is under the direction of Dr. Rani Kathirithamby, a pediatric physiatrist. Individuals from birth to 21 year of age with developmental and physical disabilities, usually related either to congenital or acquired neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, or due to developmental delay, are evaluated and treated by the rehabilitation team. The center also provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy, augmentive communication, feeding therapies, individual and group psychological counseling, psychosocial services, and genetic evaluation, developmental and behavioral assessment and management. In addition, braces, adaptive equipment, seating and mobility devices for use at home are designed and prescribed.


Rani Kathirithamby, MD, Director
Yuxi Chen, MD
Lilia Evangelista, MD
Antonia Pici, MD

Beth Abraham Family and Health Services

Beth Abraham Family of Health Services Beth Abraham is a national leader in providing inpatient services such as residential-health care, subacute medical care, and rehabilitation. Through community based programs such as adult day health care, long term home health care, AIDS home care, comprehensive care management, and independent housing, Beth Abraham serves more than 5,000 people daily in the New York Metropolitan area. Specialized music therapy services are also provided through the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, located within Beth Abraham Health Services. The 448-bed skilled nursing facility is located in the Bronx - just minutes from the beautiful NY Botanical Garden.

The Rehabilitation Program at Beth Abraham provides patients with high quality comprehensive care including physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Under the direction of Dr. Flora Tabaddor, The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation provides extensive training in geriatric and subacute rehabilitation for adults with various orthopedic and neurological impairments. Residents participate in a general rehabilitation clinic, consultation service, and rehab specialty clinics including wheelchair, prosthetic, and orthotic clinics. They receive training in augmentive communication, adaptive devices, wheelchair seating, positioning, and prosthetic and orthotic prescription. Residents are exposed to the rehabilitation needs of individuals in the community through Beth Abraham's Adult Day Health Care program, the first CARF accredited program in New York.


Flora Tabaddor, MD, Chairperson
Gary Florio, MD
Dina Nelson, MD

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center/Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center/Flushing Hospital Medical Center was established in 1891. Today it is a 387-bed, fully accredited teaching hospital. Jamaica Hospital Center offers a full range of rehabilitation services including Palomino Rehabilitation, a 29-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit; The Brady Institute, a nationally recognized 20-bed traumatic brain injury and coma recovery unit; and a complete array of outpatient services. The residents are trained in both inpatient care on the general rehabilitation floor and traumatic brain injury floor as well as in outpatient care. Ancillary rehabilitation staff includes: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, behavioral psychology, psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, and recreational therapy.

Flushing Hospital is a 293-bed teaching hospital. The medical center, located in New York City's most culturally diverse borough, has served the health care needs of the community for more than a century. Rotation at Flushing is under the direct supervision of an attending physician. The residents are exposed to different services, including electrodiagnostic testing, a general rehabilitation clinic, outpatient care and a consultation service.

Residents are paid a monthly stipend as reimbursement for transportation expense to both these sites.


Lisa Hu, MD, Acting Medical Director
Quasem Chowdhury, MD
Sevtlana Gavrilova, MD
Robert Kaylakov, MD
Peter Lu, MD