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Professional Training Programs
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Professional Training Programs

The Division of Nuclear Medicine has extensive activities in patient care, research and teaching. and the division's faculty plays an active role in national and international nuclear medicine. Members of the division have served as member and chairman of the American Board of Nuclear Medicine; as president and officers of the Society of Nuclear Medicine; on study sections of the National Institutes of Health and other research bodies. They lecture on the use of nuclear medicine in patient diagnosis and therapy throughout the world. Faculty members have contributed more than 541 peer reviewed publications and written or edited more than 30 books for the general and nuclear medicine medical literature. Faculty members serve on numerous editorial boards and the chairman and vice-chairman are co-editors of the Seminars in Nuclear Medicine, one of the most widely cited journals in Nuclear Medicine.

The many research activities of the division members have contributed to the use of nuclear medicine in the study of kidney disease, cancer and immunoimaging, to name just a few examples. At the present time, the division has launched a major initiative in the use of PET/CT imaging in the differential diagnosis of cancer. PET/CT is one of the newest and most advanced nuclear medicine imaging techniques, and it promises to revolutionize the diagnosis of cancer. A new facility "The M. Donald Blaufox Laboratory for Molecular Imaging" is devoted to animal models of human disease using a state of the art microPET scanner.

Members of the division have received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, including: NIH Physician Scientist Training Award, Distinguished Education Award of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, Honorary Corresponding Member of the Gisselschaft fur Nuklearmedizin, Honorary Life Member of the Pan American Medical Association, Honorary Professor of Medicine of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, Peoples Republic of China, Sarabhai Memorial Oration Award Society of Nuclear Medicine, India, and the Berson-Yalow Award of the Greater New York Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine And the Lifetime Achivement Award at the International Society for Radionuclides in Nephrology.