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Pediatric Residency Endorsements
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For Professionals

Pediatric Residency Endorsements

Resident Endorsement

Katherine Baeder, MDKatherine Baeder, MD

I looked at CHAM because I was interested in coming to the New York area, and I picked this program specifically because I was looking for a large, busy, academic center. What I loved about CHAM after my interview day was that it saw itself as the community hospital for the Bronx. This has stayed true after I started residency - not only are there amazing resources with brilliant physicians, but the whole culture is about serving our patients. We act as a referral center for the Bronx and beyond, but we're also centered on providing comprehensive care for every need of every patient. My favorite part of CHAM, though, are my colleagues. There's such a spirit of fun and collaboration and learning, from the program directors to all the residents and to all of the staff. I really feel like I'm wholly supported to develop into the pediatrician I want to be.

Aroop Kar, MDAroop Kar, MD

In looking at a number of similar large academic programs, what ultimately drew me to CHAM were the people. I knew that the quality of my residency training would largely be a function of the faculty who mentor me, the residents I work with, and the patients I treat. The faculty at CHAM are more than just outstanding physicians and researchers; they clearly make resident education a top priority. Residents are fully supported in all aspects of patient care while given the autonomy to formulate their own medical decisions and develop into confident and independent clinicians. Equally important to me has been the opportunity to work alongside the most compassionate and dependable co-residents I could ask for. The atmosphere at CHAM is far from competitive or isolating; it is one of mutual support and companionship that has resulted in close friendships extending well beyond the walls of the hospital. Finally, what truly distinguishes CHAM from other institutions is the patient population it treats. As the premiere children’s hospital of the Bronx, CHAM is uniquely situated to expose trainees to unparalleled cultural and socioeconomic diversity as well as a wide variety of pathology in both general and subspecialty pediatrics. I believe that it is this diversity of exposure that has enriched my training in a way that few other programs could, and has played an essential role in preparing me to become the most well-rounded pediatrician I can be.

Fellow Endorsement

Kerry Morrone, MD
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellow, Former Peds resident and chief resident, PGY-8

"I chose CHAM because it provided a broad medical background in an urban setting, yet had a community feeling. Montefiore does not settle for "great care” but strives for excellence, and because it is always evaluating itself, it forces the residents and fellows to do so likewise. I wanted a program that was striving for excellence and would allow the house staff to participate and provide input in its growth. The most rewarding part of residency is being able to acquire the skills to appropriately assess and treat a patient, and forming a bond where the patient identifies you as "their doctor". "

Faculty Endorsement

Daniel M. Fein, MDDaniel M. Fein, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Co-Director of the Pediatric Resident Research Course; former CHAM resident, chief resident, and emergency medicine fellow
The residency program at CHAM seemed like one where I would get the best possible training.  I felt I would be exposed to a wide range of disease processes and that I would get the opportunity to actively participate in the care of these patients (and not just do what I was told to do).

The best part(s) of residency were the people at CHAM.  Some of my best friends were my co-residents. It certainly is the ultimate bonding experience.  Additionally, I really loved the fellows and attendings I interacted with at CHAM.  From my clinic preceptor to the ICU and ED attendings people were thoughtful, insightful and academic and managed to not only focus on the tasks at hand but also on my education as a physician.

My decision to stay as a faculty member was primarily based upon the people I knew I would be working with - both in my division (pediatrics emergency medicine) and in the department as a whole.  I enjoy the academic nature of  CHAM along with the camaraderie between the attendings.  I enjoy education and working with medical students and residents from all disciplines and knew that I wanted to make this a focus of my career - and these opportunities all exist here at CHAM

Robert Marion, MDRobert Marion, MD
I chose to train here because as an Einstein medical student, I had a first-hand view of our program. All of us who attended Einstein recognized that this was an outstanding program, a place where trainees could receive an excellent educational and training experience while working with an incredibly strong faculty, whose members became our role models, and an amazingly diverse patient population that needed our help and who taught us pediatrics.

As a resident, I was able to realize that all of this that I had imaged to be the case was absolutely true. And so, when I had the opportunity to stay on as a faculty member after completing my training, I jumped at the chance. Now, 30 years later, I've been transformed from trainee to trainer, from student searching for a faculty mentor and role model to one of those faculty mentors and role models. And I'm not alone; all of us who made the decision to stay here after the completion of our training have done so for pretty much the same reasons.

Michael E. Roth, MDMichael E. Roth, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, Co-Director of the Pediatric Resident Research Course; former CHAM resident and hematology/oncology fellow
"CHAM was my first choice for residency after I saw the camaraderie between the residents, fellows, and attendings during a month long elective in pediatric hematology oncology.  The teaching during training was outstanding and the diverse patient population and varied pathology led me to pursue fellowship training at CHAM.  Now, as an attending in the division of pediatric hematology/oncology, it is an honor to be able to give back to the training program as both a teacher and mentor."

Nicole Pattamanuch, MD
GI Faculty

As a medical student at SUNY Downstate I volunteered for a Sub-I on CHAM 9 on the heme-onc team, all the way in the Bronx!  I spent my month quickly becoming a part of the Montefiore family and found myself so motivated to work harder, do better, and learn more. I applied only in the New York area and knew CHAM pediatrics was the place for me. An intelligent, friendly, and challenging place awaited me. Hard work translated into a unique and fulfilling learning experience. I then went on to join the gastroenterology program for fellowship and now am embarking on a new journey as an attending at CHAM.  I am proud to be a part of every member of this community at this place that is home.

Rochelle Hartley, MDRochelle Hartley, MD
Former Peds Resident, Current PCCU Hospitalist, Future Hematology-Oncology Fellow

I knew CHAM was the place I wanted to do residency by the time I was halfway through my Pediatric Hematology-Oncology elective as a visiting 4th year medical student.  I was impressed by the balanced emphasis on teaching, learning and patient care and the overall warmth with which I was received by everyone I met. CHAM sees itself as an integral part of the community and continuously finds innovative ways to expand to better serve the needs of the children of the Bronx.  I was fortunate enough to spend three years learning from some of the smartest people in the field of pediatrics, without ever feeling intimidated, and growing as a physician with some of the most wonderful co-residents I could have ever asked for.  The relationships I have built here, with patients, co-residents, fellows, attendings, nurses and everyone else that makes this hospital tick, have been invaluable. 

As residency drew to a close, I knew I was not ready for my time at CHAM to end. I am incredibly excited about my new role as a hospitalist in the Pediatric Critical Care Unit and even more excited about moving on to being a Pediatric Hematology-Oncology fellow here next year.  This is the environment that has nurtured me into becoming the physician I am today, and there truly is nowhere else I would rather be.