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Continuity Clinics
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Pediatric Residency - Continuity Clinics

Montefiore Medical Center’s unique position as an academic medical center in the Bronx, one of the most underserved urban areas in the United States, allows residents a challenging, yet rich, clinical experience.  There is an adequate mix of common pediatric ailments, as well as patients with multiple and complicated medical problems and social needs. Residents can actively participate in recruiting patients to their clinic panel from those patients they encounter on inpatient services, or even those deliveries they attend in the newborn nursery or NICU.

Residents at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) have their continuity clinic experience at one of three sites.  Each resident is assigned to a site at the beginning of their intern year and continues to follow patients at this site for the duration of their residency.  Each resident will have one-half day of continuity clinic in a typical week.  There is some variety to account for the night float week and weeks on outpatient rotations. Each resident is also assigned to a particular clinic day and has an assigned clinic preceptor who works with them throughout their residency. 

Each clinic has daily afternoon conferences about general pediatric topics, which may be either attending or resident-led. Each resident is responsible for a certain number of continuity clinic lectures per year depending on their PGY year, as well as a number of case conference presentations.

The three clinical sites are:

Family Care Center (FCC)
Located on Kossuth Avenue around the corner from CHAM, this is the closest clinical site to the Children’s Hospital. It houses two separate practices (PPB and PPC) on the 1st and 2nd floor respectively.  Residents are assigned to one of the two practices.

Comprehensive Family Care Center (CFCC)
Located on Eastchester Road, close to the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Jack D. Weiler Hospital.

Comprehensive Health Care Center (CHCC)
Located on East 161st Street in the South Bronx and close to Yankee Stadium, this clinical site is open to residents in the Social Pediatrics Program.  It is co-located with other clinics in the Residency Program in Social Medicine,such as Family Medicine and Social Internal Medicine/Primary Care.