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Bones, Muscles & Joints (Orthopaedics)

Patient Connect Program: A Personalized Resource for Patients

If you are interested in learning more about Patient Connect or if you are ready to join the program, please call 917-477-7725.

If you're one of the millions of people struggling with pain and loss of motion because of joint damage caused by arthritis, you may have heard about, or been told you are a candidate for, joint replacement surgery.

Even if you have spoken with your doctor and decided that joint replacement surgery is the right option for you, you may still have concerns or questions. At Montefiore's Center for Joint Replacement Surgery, we understand how you may feel. We have developed a program to offer our patients personalized advice and support from people who have recently undergone joint replacement surgery and are now leading normal, pain-free lives.

This program is called Patient Connect, and this is how it works:

  • We pair you with the ideal mentor based on your questions, concerns and unique needs — a former patient who has undergone joint replacement surgery, understands your needs and may help ease your anxiety.
  • You can talk with your mentor as many times as needed using a phone-based system. The service is personalized and confidential; you can rest assured knowing that whatever you discuss is between you and your mentor.
  • You are free to ask whatever questions you may have in order to make a more informed decision. Our mentors are all highly trained and ready to share their experiences so that you can learn what to expect before and after surgery. They offer firsthand accounts of their own experiences along with helpful advice, tips and more.

At the Center for Joint Replacement Surgery, we provide the information you need to make the best healthcare decisions.