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Star Tennis Player Nearly Sidelined by Scoliosis
EverydayHealth.com, October 25 - Vishal Sarwahi, MD, chief, Scoliosis Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, discusses the minimally invasive technique he pioneered to treat scoliosis, in this profile about one of his patients who is a star tennis player in Alabama.

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MD News - Breakthough chemotherapy agents bring new hope in treating lung cancer

“At Montefiore we have done a very good job for more than 35 years at the orthopedic aspect of joint replacement .  In the last year, especially in the last six months since we’ve opened the Joint Replacement Center, we’ve focused on the patient’s experience and the family’s experience and tried to make conditions better for everybody involved,” says Orthopedics Chairman, Dr. Neil Cobelli.

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