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New Hire Reminders

  • Quest Diagnostics: Please be sure you have completed a urine  drug screening within the allowable 48 hour time frame.  . See email sent by HR Recruiter or HR Assistant for instructions.
  • Sterling: Please be sure you have completed a  Sterling Consent and Disclosure Form This is required to begin the background verification process.

    **If you have not completed or been informed about your responsibility to drug test or complete a Sterling consent form, please contact your recruiter or HR Assistant immediately.

  • I-9: As part of the new hire process, you are required to fill out an I-9 document as evidence of legal work authorization in the United States. Once you have completed your I-9 online, please refer to the list provided to submit proper forms of identification.

    (Please note: You will also have to provide your Social Security card for payroll purposes. Please bring your Social Security card when returning your paperwork.)

  • Pre-Hire Physical: Occupational Health Services. Please be sure that you have completed or are in the process of completing your pre-hire physical at OHS. If you have not already received the information regarding time/location, please be sure to contact your HR Recruiter or HR Assistant to provide you with an appointment. Physical appointments should be kept for the purpose of obtaining clearance to begin working. If there is an issue with the appointment, please contact your HR Recruiter/HR Assistant.
  • New Hire Forms: Please return the completed new hire forms to the Recruitment/Staffing office. Refer to the checklist provided to ensure that this part of the process has been completed.
  • Licensure: If you are a licensed professional, please include your State licenses, registrations, and any other certifications you may have received for your profession.