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Prevention and Wellness
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Prevention and Wellness

The HIV/AIDS Center at Montefiore Medical Center has initiated a number of programs aimed at reducing the spread of HIV while also supporting the health of those already infected with the disease.

The goal of these programs is to educate the Montefiore community about the disease regardless of people's backgrounds while also encouraging HIV testing. In addition, the Center works to prevent the spread of the disease by counseling those affected by HIV, and eliminate the sociological fears associated with the disease by making sure patients are treated confidentially.

Prevention and wellness programs offered at The HIV/AIDS Center include:

HIV Counseling and Testing

HIV testing is available upon request using the most current testing technology, including noninvasive oral tests and rapid tests that provide results in approximately 20 minutes.

Nutritional Services

Registered dietitians provide patients with an individualized assessment of their nutritional needs and ongoing counseling and monitoring to ensure optimum health.

Project H.E.A.L. (Healing Environment Altering Lives)

It is estimated that one out of every three people living with HIV is a woman. To combat this alarming statistic, The HIV/AIDS Center created Project H.E.A.L., a multifaceted HIV prevention program for women.

Project H.E.A.L. works with women, ages 18 and over, regardless of race or religion. The objective of the program is to help them develop the skills needed to negotiate safer sex and reduce high risk behaviors that may lead to HIV.

The program's prevention services are offered at the individual and group level. Our nurturing environment and supportive counselors can help patients make the changes necessary to stay healthy and HIV free.

Why Visit Project H.E.A.L.?

Project H.E.A.L. is a convenient drop-in center that offers free HIV testing to the community in a clean, safe and supportive environment that understands and respects each individual's unique needs. We provide patients with a bilingual staff of culturally sensitive and non-judgmental people who understand your fear of repercussions and protect your privacy by keeping all discussions with counselors and peers confidential. We even provide light meals, snacks and refreshments.

Project H.E.A.L. Services

The program offers a number of helpful services, both to prevent HIV and to help patients cope with the disease, including:

  • Supportive counseling
  • Crisis interventions
  • Domestic violence screening and referrals
  • Individual substance abuse and detox referrals
  • HIV pre- and post-test counseling
  • HIV prevention counseling and education
  • Harm and risk reduction counseling
  • Group prevention activities
  • Secondary prevention counseling for HIV positive women
  • Medical care referrals