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Healing Loss: A Workshop Retreat for Montefiore Care Providers
Healing Arts Program, Montefiore Medical Center


Date: March 26-28, 2014
Location: Stony Point Retreat Center, Stony Point, NY



Many of us serve as caregivers, both in our work with patients and in our own families.  Caregiving can have a profound effect on our personal and professional lives.  It can bring love and gratification and can also bring stress, especially if we do not have the opportunity to take care of ourselves. Caregiving can also bring grief and loss when we lose people that we care for.

It is important both for ourselves and for those who depend on us that we take the time to deal with our own losses: how can we effectively help relieve the suffering of others if we are weighed down by our own?

This two-and-a-half-day residential workshop is a powerful experiential and didactic program that will provide participants with the opportunity to identify and work through some of the losses, grief and changes which often occur in caregivers’ lives. Led by experienced and skilled facilitators in a safe, supportive and confidential setting, the workshop will offer ways to let go of some of the emotional ‘baggage’ and unfinished business that can get in the way of our being truly present for ourselves and for those who depend on us.  Participants will leave the workshop with some new tools for self-care, to help build resilience when facing stress in the future.


For More Information:

This workshop is limited to 24 participants. To learn more or to request a brief application form please contact:

Ronit Fallek, MPA
Director, Montefiore Healing Arts Program