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The Faces of Montefiore Nursing
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For Professionals

The Faces of Montefiore Nursing

A Diverse, Multidimensional
and Educated Workforce

Our approach is inclusive in the best sense of the word and defined by a respect for every patient’s background and beliefs.  Montefiore nurses come from an array of backgrounds and experiences, yet operate with a common goal: unparalleled attention to sensitive, patient-centered service and outcomes. Ours is personalized, compassionate care of the highest order.


In Their Own Words: Our Nurses' Perspective

My Opinion Is Respected…

“I am a respected member of an interdisciplinary team. Communication and cooperation among members of this team are necessary to jointly plan, implement and evaluate care. My opinion is respected by other members of the team, and they rely on me for support. There are many challenges, and I am not always perfect, but I enjoy being an RN at Montefiore Medical Center. At the end of my shift I may be tired, but I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that I gave my best.” 

– Marlene Malcolm, RN-BC MSN – Unit: NW1, Moses Campus

A Culture of Collaboration

“Montefiore nursing is about communicating, collaborating, implementing, following up and resolving issues in clinical and support areas. That is what sets us apart.”

– Brenda Denneny, RN, BSN, MBA – Unit: Infection Prevention & Control, Wakefield Campus

Helping Neighbors in Times of Need

“As a Montefiore associate, I have the privilege to help the patients of this borough I call home. It is a pleasure to interact with the patients once they’re discharged into the community; it gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I was fortunate to help them in their time of need.”

– Ketty Floyd, RN, MSN, CNM – Unit: Labor and Delivery, Wakefield Campus

A Calming Presence for Patients and Families

“In the operating room, nurses are the eyes, ears and voices for patients during surgery. We are the parents who cannot be with their child. We are the calming voice the fearful patient places trust in. We remind others that this is a person, not just a surgical procedure.”

– Ann Marie Vrabel, RN, CNOR – Unit: OR, Moses Campus

Physicians Encourage Nursing Advancements

“One of the things that sets us apart as a nursing team at Montefiore is our active and meaningful collaboration with physician partners. Many physician specialists, including the critical care internists, cardiologists and surgeons, have been very supportive of advancing nursing practice, which is vital to improving patient outcomes.”

– Ed Park, RN, MSN, CCRN, CMC, CSC – Unit: CICU, Einstein Campus

Our Physicians' Perspective on Nursing: In Their Own Words

Physicians understand the essential role that our nurses play at Montefiore. Our doctors and nurses work hand in hand to deliver the compassionate and comprehensive care that defines Montefiore. Close collaboration between doctors and nurses forms the critical underpinning of our teamwork and coordinated care model—and is thus indispensable to all that we do at Montefiore.

What Doctors Say About Montefiore’s Nursing Staff:

Robert Michler, MD

Robert E. Michler, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, Montefiore, has a soft spot in his heart for nurses. “Nurses are our backbone,” says Robert E. Michler, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, Professor and Chairman of the Departments of Surgery and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. “They allow us to do the things we do at the highest level because they’re right there, always helping to direct us and support us, and most importantly, they have the best interests of the patients always in mind.”

Montefiore can be extremely proud of its nursing staff, Dr. Michler says. “What amazes me about our nurses is that under the most challenging conditions with a patient, whether that be in the intensive care unit or in the operating room or on the floor, they always do it with dignity and with a smile on their face,” he says.

Jason Adelman, MD, MS

Jason Adelman, MD, MS, Patient Safety Officer, recalls the supportive and hardworking nurses he worked with in his former role as a clinician. In his current position, he sees the same dedication to patient care from Montefiore’s nursing leadership. “I have tremendous respect for their appreciation of quality and safety and their ability to use reports, great structure and leadership to manage thousands of nurses,” he says.

Nurses, he says, were key partners in Montefiore’s Ticket to Ride initiative, aimed at improving patient safety during the roughly half-million care handoffs every year. The nursing staff also led the implementation of bar coding across the medical center to ensure that the right medications go to the right patients. “How could you not have these joint projects when nursing is so omnipresent in everything around patient care?” Dr. Adelman says. “Thankfully, we have a lot of mutual respect, and we approach things the same way, so it’s been a very fruitful collaboration.”