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About Us

Designing Greener Buildings and Improving Energy Efficiencies

PlaNYC Carbon Challenge

As part of New York City’s Greener Greater Buildings Plan, the Mayor’s Office created a Carbon Challenge for Hospitals through which participating institutions committed to a 30 percent greenhouse gas reduction by 2018. Since Montefiore’s baseline year of 2007, we had effectively reduced our emissions by 17.42 percent through 2014. Plans to achieve the 30 percent reduction target include addressing inefficiencies in building design, lighting, mechanical systems and waste generation. 

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)/Cogeneration

Combined heat and power, otherwise known as cogeneration or CHP, is a form of distributed generation that allows the user to provide electricity, heating and possibly cooling to a building or multiple buildings. Montefiore’s Moses Campus was the first hospital in New York City to install a CHP plant when its nearly 5 megawatt plant was installed and completed in 1993. In 2001, Montefiore increased its commitment to cogeneration by adding another plant with an additional capacity of 4.5 megawatts. In total, Montefiore can produce just over 9 megawatts of power at its Moses Campus. The byproduct of Montefiore’s electricity generation is steam, which provides enough energy to warm our buildings on the coldest of days and cool our buildings during the summer months. Investing in cogeneration has enabled Montefiore to provide to its patients and staff a safe, reliable, resilient and environmentally friendly source of power.

Benefits of Combined Heat & Power (CHP)/Cogeneration

Reliability—The Moses cogeneration plant provides a reliable source of electricity for our medical and office buildings. This form of on-site generation reduces the demand on the grid surrounding our campus, making it easier for the local utility to provide our community with a reliable, uninterrupted source of power.

Resiliency—Producing power on-site makes Montefiore a more resilient healthcare provider. We have not been affected by the two largest power outages since the year 2000. In 2003, during the largest blackout in the United States, Montefiore continued to operate at full capacity as a result of the cogeneration plants. In 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, Montefiore’s Moses Campus was able to not only continue operations but also take in additional patients from nearby hospitals who were impacted by the storm.

Efficiency—On-site generation of power operates more efficiently than distribution by local utilities.  Much of the power generated is lost while the power is moving from a power plant to your home.  Producing power on-site and capturing the heat generated during that process allows Montefiore to increase the overall source fuel use efficiency from roughly 30 percent to 80 percent. 

Emissions—The aforementioned efficiency increase allows Montefiore to utilize less fuel to produce a required amount of energy. This results in avoided emissions from the base scenario of being completely grid reliant. 

Energy Management

Montefiore’s facilities team is continually working to provide our patients and staff with an indoor environment that facilitates the healing process. This group of individuals truly understands the connection between a person’s thermal comfort and the ability to work and or heal.  

To achieve this level of comfort, the facilities team has updated our Building Management System (BMS) and many associated components to help provide adequate levels of both heating and cooling. This team has also led efforts to monitor certain parts of our plant and buildings systems to ensure efficiency and decrease losses. 

Lastly, to limit cost variability, Montefiore has a complex energy procurement program that helps to save money by analyzing projected weather patterns and changes within the energy market.  Montefiore’s facilities team is committed to meeting a consistent level of care while decreasing annual operating costs. This enables us to dedicate more time and financial resources to our patients and the community. 


Through the use of EnergyStar’s Portfolio Manager, Montefiore is able to track and trend the performance of its buildings or campuses. 

Energy-Related Awards

2005 Energy Project of the Year—AEE

2006 Energy Project of the Year—AEE

2011 Avoided GHG Emissions—EPA CHP

Certificate of Partnership—EPA CHP

2014 Corporate Energy Management—AEE