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November Is American Diabetes Month®
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Diabetes, Hormones & Metabolism (Endocrinology)

November Is American Diabetes Month®

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At Montefiore we are steadfastly committed to the communities we serve. Because of this, we are excited at the prospect of serving as a resource yet again on key issues relating to health and wellness.

This  American Diabetes Month® we are focused on providing information, outreach and resources to assist those who want to learn more about managing and preventing diabetes. The theme this year is, “Prevention,” which provides us with an opportunity to continue educating the community with several events geared toward helping people lower their diabetes risk.

Our American Diabetes Month® program includes healthy eating demonstrations, interactive diabetes prevention workshops and educational talks.  All events are free of charge and open to the community, patients and employees.

As one of the leading providers of diabetes care, Montefiore is passionate about teaching members of the communities we serve how to manage and/or prevent this chronic condition.  The advice and guidance we share during this month should be taken into consideration far beyond November. We want people to make lasting changes that can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes and help people with type 1 stay as healthy as possible.

You can use our calendar to find an event or educational opportunity to suit your needs. 

Make healthy eating fun for kids. Download a free copy of our Diabetes Month coloring book.

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Want to Learn More About Diabetes?

We are here to help. We invite you to get to know our endocrinology team and use the resources below to stay informed and educated about diabetes.