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News Releases 

Title Start Date
Emergency Department Cancer Diagnoses: An Underreported Problem 12/20/2017 
Patients’ Own Immune Cells May Hold The Key To Fighting Deadly Cancers 12/14/2017 
$1 Million Gift Allows Babies to Get Heart Care Before Being Born 12/12/2017 
Hudson Valley Gets $3 Million to Fuel Community Health Projects 11/16/2017 
New Montefiore Lung Transplant Program Increases Access to Lifesaving Care 11/15/2017 
Médico de Montefiore-Einstein recibe un millón de dólares para desarrollar a la siguiente generación de profesionales médicos del Bronx 10/24/2017 
Montefiore-Einstein Physician Awarded $1 Million to Train the Next Generation of Bronx-Grown Medical Professionals 10/24/2017 
Non-Opioid Treatment Substantially More Effective Than Opioids For Migraine Headache in Emergency Department, New Research Finds 10/19/2017 
Montefiore Shines as a Top Performing Pioneer ACO 10/18/2017 
Montefiore is One of the Biggest Employers in the Region and One of the Best Hospitals to Work For in the Country 10/16/2017 
Thriving at Home: One Year After a Marathon Surgery to Separate Them, Formerly Conjoined Twins Jadon and Anias Mcdonald "Achieve New Milestones Every Day" 10/12/2017 
Montefiore Launches Clinical Trial For Technology Designed to Help Thousands of Women With Breast Fibroadenomas 09/15/2017 
A Rare Genetic Disorder Afflicting Children Brings Specialists Together at Montefiore 09/14/2017 
Underreported Complication From Breast Cancer Treatment Gets New Attention and Hope For Improved Care 09/12/2017 
First Long-Term Study on Medical Marijuana’s Impact on Opioid Use for Pain 08/08/2017 
Montefiore and Einstein Awarded $3.4 Million NIH Grant to Integrate Opioid and Tobacco Addiction Treatment 07/12/2017 
Montefiore is First in NY Metropolitan Area to Treat Cancer Patients with Accuray Radixact™ System 06/27/2017 
Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Marks a Decade of Recognition as One of the Best in the Nation according To U.S. News & World Report 06/26/2017 
Montefiore’s Weiler Hospital and Wakefield Campus Achieve Baby-Friendly Designation 06/20/2017 
Montefiore Enhances Behavioral Health Care with Smartphone Technology 05/24/2017 
Montefiore Celebrates Half a Century Of Primary Care Transformation 05/19/2017 
Montefiore Grants Inaugural Corporate Excellence Award for Partnership in Health to Walgreens/Duane Reade And Jetro Cash & Carry 05/19/2017 
Montefiore Performs Its 300th Heart Transplant and Kicks-Off Annual BronxHeart Symposium 05/18/2017 
The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Renames Its Child Abuse Program 05/10/2017 
Montefiore Pilots New Model to Advance Integration of Behavioral Health Services In New York Primary Care Practices 05/04/2017 
Montefiore Healthy Steps Program Receives Grant from United Hospital Fund to Support Early Childhood Development 03/21/2017 
Montefiore and CityMD Team Up to Improve Access to Primary, Specialty and Urgent Care Services 03/09/2017 
Montefiore Pilots New Model to Advance Integration of Behavioral Health Services In New York Primary Care Practices 03/02/2017 
Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Receives Special Proclamations From New York State Legislature Honoring Successful Surgical Separation of Craniopagus Twins, Jadon and Anias McDonald 02/28/2017 
Sheldon M. Feldman M.D. Named Chief, Division of Breast Surgery & Surgical Oncology, and Director of Breast Cancer Services At Montefiore and Einstein 02/27/2017 
Montefiore Pumps Up Bronx and Westchester Activities to Celebrate American Heart Month 02/01/2017 
Soccer Ball Heading May Commonly Cause Concussion Symptoms 02/01/2017 
Einstein-Montefiore to Play Leadership Role in $21 Million NIH Grant to Study the Onset of Epilepsy after Traumatic Brain Injuries 01/30/2017 
Montefiore Statement on Today’s Student Demonstrators; Commitment to #DoNoHarm 01/30/2017 
Quest Diagnostics Partners With Montefiore Health System to Deliver High-Value, Innovative Laboratory Services 01/26/2017 
Montefiore Earns National Recognition for Exemplary Outcomes from the American College of Surgeons 01/05/2017 


News Releases 

Title Start Date
Separate But Together: Formerly Conjoined Twins Jadon and Anias Mcdonald Move On To the Next Chapter of Recovery 12/15/2016 
Montefiore Health System and Albert Einstein College of Medicine Announce New Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 12/13/2016 
Randi Kaplan Named Schwartz Center’s 2016 National Caregiver Of The Year 11/16/2016 
Montefiore and The Hebrew Home At Riverdale Bring Cutting Edge Geriatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation to Sub-Acute Care 10/27/2016 
New Study Highlights The Benefits Of BRCA Testing For All People Of Ashkenazi Jewish Descent 10/20/2016 
Twin Boys Conjoined At Head Successfully Separated At Children’s Hospital At Montefiore After More Than 20 Hours Of Surgery 10/20/2016 
Family Stressors and Traumatic Childhood Experiences Linked To ADHD Diagnoses In Children 10/11/2016 
Montefiore and Einstein Receive $3.7 Million NIH Grant to Study the Link Between Sleep Apnea and Childhood Obesity 10/03/2016 
Montefiore and Walgreens Join Forces to Make Flu Vaccine More Accessible 10/03/2016 
Montefiore and Einstein Investigators Deliver New Hope for Treating Deadly Cancers 09/26/2016 
Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Physician-In-Chief Awarded $5.3 Million NIH Grant To Study Environmental Influences On Child Health 09/21/2016 
Montefiore Receives $2 Million to Improve Health Habits at Two Bronx Primary Care Sites 09/07/2016 
Montefiore Reports Huge Successes in Delivering Quality Care As a Pioneer ACO 08/31/2016