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Children's Solution Center A Child's Concept of Death 01/02/2012
For infants and toddlers, death has very little meaning. School-aged children begin to understand death as permanent, universal, and inevitable. A predominant theme in adolescence is a feeling of immortality or being exempt from death.
Children's Solution Center A Child's First Dental Visit Fact Sheet 05/28/2011
Your child should see a dentist six months after eruption of the first tooth, experts say. The dentist can provide or recommend preventative information regarding baby bottle tooth decay, infant feeding practices, mouth cleaning, teething, pacifier habits and finger-sucking habits.
Children's Solution Center A Chubby Baby Is Not a Sign of Obesity 03/22/2011
With childhood obesity on the rise, should parents worry about the weight of their babies?
Children's Solution Center A Common Plastic Comes Under Scrutiny 08/15/2011
Polycarbonate plastic is durable, impact-resistant, and clear. It is widely used in food and beverage containers, but research has raised concerns over its health effects.
Children's Solution Center A Safety Checklist for Parents 04/20/2011
You can help keep your children safe by following these precautions.
Wellness Library A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away 01/30/2012
You can avoid the flu this season by taking one simple step: Get a flu vaccination.
Children's Solution Center About Poison Control Centers 12/02/2011
Poison control centers are always open—24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They're staffed by pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and other experts who are available by phone.
Children's Solution Center Abrasions 12/31/2011
An abrasion is a superficial rub or wearing off of the skin, usually caused by a scrape or a "brush burn." Abrasions are usually minor injuries that can be treated at home.
Children's Solution Center Achalasia in Children 11/30/2011
Children's Solution Center Acne in Children 11/03/2011
Acne is a disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. With acne, the sebaceous glands are clogged, which leads to pimples and cysts.
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