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Orthopedic Solution Center About Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases 12/08/2011
Arthritis, itself a group of more than 100 different diseases, is one category of rheumatic diseases.
Orthopedic Solution Center Adult BMI Calculator 01/09/2012
Experts are increasingly urging people to know their BMI, a figure that takes into account not just weight but also height to indicate body fat.
Orthopedic Solution Center Alternative Arthritis Treatment Quiz 04/04/2011
True or false: Meditation appears to benefit the immune system and may affect the nervous and vascular systems, which in turn affect joint health.
Orthopedic Solution Center Anatomy of a Joint 12/09/2011
Joints are the areas where two or more bones meet. Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move.
Orthopedic Solution Center Anatomy of the Bone 11/18/2011
A typical bone in your body contains three types of tissue—a hard outer tissue, a sponge-like inner tissue, and smooth tissue at the ends.
Orthopedic Solution Center Anatomy of the Hand 12/26/2011
Each of your hands has three types of bones: phalanges in your fingers; metacarpals in your mid-hand, and carpals in your wrist.
Orthopedic Solution Center Ankylosing Spondylitis 12/26/2011
Detailed information on ankylosing spondylitis, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment
Orthopedic Solution Center Arthritis 12/26/2011
Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are characterized by pain, swelling, and limited movement in joints and connective tissues in the body.
Orthopedic Solution Center Arthritis and Exercise: Q and A 04/12/2011
Doctors and physical therapists say people with arthritis can improve their health and fitness through exercise without damaging their joints.
Orthopedic Solution Center Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases Statistics 06/15/2011
Rheumatic diseases are the leading cause of disability among people ages 65 and older.
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