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Health Tip: Avoid Outdoor Allergens

(HealthDay News) -- The great outdoors is rife with allergens that make your eyes itchy, red and watery.

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests how to help protect against outdoor allergens:

  • Get a head start on allergy season by taking your allergy medications a week or two before the season starts.

  • If you plan to hike or camp, avoid scheduling trips during times of high pollen counts (May and June for grasses, September and October for ragweed).

  • Stay away from hay and barns, and avoid activities such as raking leaves and mowing the grass.

  • Wear sunglasses to help keep pollen out of the eyes.

  • When you come back indoors, shower and wash your hair to remove pollen.

  • Close doors and windows during pollen seasons.

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